Churches have served as the religious heart of a community but the range of services churches offer not restricted to religion, one of the primary goals of the church is to serve humanity as a whole. When a person hears the word “church”, visions of church pews and a priest delivering a sermon may come to mind but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What do Churches Offer?

Each congregation will have its own specific mandate on how it will spread the gospel and serve humanity. While the range of services varies, we will cover some of the more common ways that local communities can benefit from the church. It should be noted that all of these benefits are for the public; there is no need to be a follower of the Christian faith to access these facilities.

  • Affordable clothing. The church typically conducts clothing drives where parishioners are asked to donate good quality clothing they are no longer using. This clothing is then offered to the economically disadvantaged in the area for free or greatly reduced prices. The clothing could help an individual dress up for a job interview or provide them with adequate warmth during the winter. Some recipients include young children who require clothing for school that their parents simply cannot afford to procure on their own.
  • Soup Kitchen & Food Bank. Jesus Christ was known for feeding the poor and that tradition is still followed in churches around the world. The church will pass around pamphlets in front of the church pews informing the public about the soup kitchen and food bank services being offered. The pamphlet would ask the reader if they have the means to donate and if they are in need the facility is available. Individuals who were hungry or experiencing food insecurity could go to the soup kitchen and eat a warm meal. Along with having access to warm meals, the food bank can help offset some of the anxiety caused by food insecurity.
  • Affordable daycare services. Most families have two working parents and finding affordable daycare is not always an option. There are churches that offer daycare services that meet or exceed standards set by the government. While these childcare centers are not for profit, they typically do not receive any funding from the government so all operating costs are bared by the parents. Since the church is sensitive to the economic woes facing working parents, the costs of childcare and daycare are kept to a minimum. Some components of the daycare/childcare services may have elements of religion built into them i.e. Sunday school so parents will need to take that into consideration when deciding on whether to enroll his/her child.

Since the church is trying to help relief suffering and foster a sense of community. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the full range of services offered by the church, you will be amazed to find out what is available.